Xiao Yi Bao Bao Has SUPER HUGE Boobies That Is Not Just Big, But Soft Too.

When Doing Boobs Fxxk, Her Boobs Can Literally Hold On To Any Size Of Penis, No Matter How Big It Is!

Please Call Or Text Xiao Yi Bao Bao 笑怡宝宝 at 8311 6069

Name: Xiao Yi Bao Bao 笑怡宝宝
Age: 25
Attitude/GFE: Friendly & Service Oriented With Good Companionship
Body: Slim, Busty & Sexy!
Boobs: Natural & Soft 32D!
Height: 159cm
Weight: 44kg
Look: Pretty & Good Looking Babe
Language: Please Call Or Text In Chinese Or Simple English Only
Location: Central

Her Massage Service Package:
[You May Mix & Match The Following Services Within 60 Mins/以下项目可以选]

Auto Roaming 触摸上半身:〖Upper Body Allow But Please Be Gentle〗

Sexy A.K.A Teasing Massage 性感调情按摩:〖Lots Of Sexy Body Moves & Finger Teasing To Help Uplift Your Mood〗

Costume Tease 制服诱惑: 〖Upon Request, She Will Put On Sexy Costume To Fulfill Your Fantasy〗

Semi Nude Massage 半裸按摩:〖Yes! She Can Be Topless During The Massage Session〗

Whole Body Oil Massage 全身推油: 〖Soothing & Relaxing. Close Your Eyes & Relax. You May Doze Off Eventually!〗

Chinese Style Massage & Shiatsu 中式按摩和指压: 〖Hardworking & Diligent. Good Experiences From Her That Will Help Loosen Stiff Muscle Aches〗

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage 头,颈,肩部按摩: 〖Look Forward To This After a Hard Day At Work! Let Her Magic Hands Work Through Your Head & Shoulder〗

Lymphatic Detoxification 淋巴排毒: 〖Focus On Pushing Factors In One Direction Which Helps Purge Impurities Out Of Your Body〗

Back Stepping & Kneeling Back Massage 踩背 和 跪背:〖Either Step On Your Back Or Use Her Knee To Massage Your Back〗

Mosha, Guasha & Ba Guan 磨砂, 刮痧和拔罐: 〖Yes, All Listed Services Are Available. Do Request Should You Need. One Of Her Forte〗

Catbath & Boobs Massage 慢游和性感胸推: 〖She Will Strip Half Naked By Now & Give You a Solid Lick While Giving You a Sensational Rub Down!〗

Boobs Fxxk 乳胶: 〖Insert Your Precious In between Her Boobies For a Sensation Rub!〗

Prostate Massage 前列腺保养: 〖Massage Acupoints Around Your Groin Area To Promote Better Blood Flow To Your Precious. This Is Her Forte〗

99HDLY 99海底捞月: 〖Varies Hands Technique & Movement On Your Precious & Balls〗

69Hand Job 69打飞机: 〖She Have This Sexy Look On Her That Grows On You. Good Control Of Her Fingers With Her Multiple Hand Strokes, You Will Cum Within Minutes!〗

GFE 女朋友感: 〖Friendly & Sweet Babe. Good Massage Skills & Prostate Massage

Services that She Don’t Do:
Services Not Mentioned Above.
Further Intimacies Depends On Your Chemistry With Her

$100/One Massage Package With 2 x HandJobs/45 Mins


$110/One Massage Package With 2 x HandJobs/60 Mins


$150/One Massage Package With 1 x Boobs Fxxk/60 Mins


$200/One Massage Package With 1 x Boobs Fxxk + 1 x HandJob/90 Mins

Large Cozy Room Included

Please Call Or Text Xiao Yi Bao Bao 笑怡宝宝 at 8311 6069