Must Try! Authentic & Professional Thai Style Juagen 正宗泰式抓根

Do You Really Know What Juagen Is? Juagen Is Not a Sexual Services But It Is a Human Hand Technique That Grab The Veins Around Your Groin Area. Juagen Is a Manhood Exercise Which Will Help Bros With Problem Peeing, Pre-Ejaculation, Inability To Get Hard On. The REAL Juagen Helps To Cure Manhood Issues Or To Ensure a Good Sexual Lifestyle That Will Definitely Amaze Your Partner.

After This Treatment, It Is Not Recommended To Take On HandJob.

亲!您了解正宗的经络抓跟按摩吗?您爱爱时有心无力吗?生殖器周围有按压性痛感吗?爱爱不能持久吗?弟弟不 够坚挺吗?您小便时需要等待或分叉而且嘀嘀哩哩吗?这都是经络损伤或是前列腺问题和尿路不畅通引起的。抓根 是保健养生,并不是色情!真正的印度神油抓根是不建议射精(固本培元).各种不同的按摩手法来疏通输精管、 输尿管与海绵体,打通与唤醒男士生殖系统周围的经络、穴位和韧带,提升男士性功能 ,使生殖器周围血液循环更加畅通、打通经络穴位,是真正的治疗与保养!如果按疗程治疗可以增大 增粗 增硬!可缓解阳痿早泄、勃起无力等症状。


Healing Chinese Style Massage/Shiatsu: 全身中式推油按摩/指压


A Great Lady With Good Massage Experiences & Is Able To Make You Walk Out a Happy Man

Please Call Or Text JJ @ 8738 7018

Name: JJ
Age: 29
Attitude: Service Oriented & Not Time Watcher
Body: Slim, Busty & Sexy
Boobs: Natural & Soft 36C!
Height: 163cm
Weight: 44kg
Looks: Sexy & Seductive Looking
Room: Discreet, Cozy & Clean!
Location: East
Language: She Knows Simple English & Chinese. Text Or Call Is Welcome

Her Massage Package Includes:
[If There Is Time Restriction, You May Mix & Match The Following Services Within 60/90 Mins

Mo Sha/Body Scrub : 磨沙
[Exfoliating & Refreshing Of Your Body Skin. Remove Dead Cells & Skins]

Whole Body Oil Massage : 全身推油/油压
[Soothing & Relaxing. Close Your Eyes & Relax. You May Doze Off Eventually!]

Chinese Style Massage & Shiatsu : 中式按摩和指压
[She Is An Experienced Masseur. Good Experiences From Her That Will Help Loosen Stiff Muscle Aches, You Will Feel Much Relieved After This]

Head, Neck, Shoulder & Face Massage : 头, 颈, 肩和脸部按摩
[Love This. Simply Close Your Eyes After a Hard Day Work & Let Her Magic Fingers Work Through Your Hair & Face]

Back Kneeling Massage : 跪背
[She Will Balance Her Body Weight On Your Back & Massage With Her Knees]

Lymphatic Detoxification : 淋巴排毒
[Focuses On Pushing Factor In One Direction Which Helps Purge Impurities]

Gua Sha : 刮痧
[Use a Non Sharp Item To Brush Your Back Repeatedly]
[It Helps To Promotes Circulation & Normalizes Metabolic Processes. It Is Also a Great Treatment For Internal & External Pain]

Ba Guan [Cupping Without Fire ] : 拔罐
[Drive Away Coldness & Humidity In Your Body. Enhance Blood Circulation]

Prostate Massage : 前列腺保养
[Massage Acupoints Around Your Groin Area To Promote Better Blood Flow To Your Precious]

Authentic Thai Style Juagen : 正宗泰式抓根
[Massage, Grab & Pull The Veins Around Your Precious Which Helps Strengthen & Enhance The Quality Of Your Sex Life. One Of Her Forte!]

Hand Job : 打飞机
[HandJob After a Good Juagen Session. Not Recommended To Shoot After Juagen But She Will Never Reject]

Package A:
$70/Pubic Hair Trim
Or Juagen + 1 x HandJob/30 Mins

Package B:
$100/Whole Body Massage + Juagen + 2 x HandJobs/60 Mins

Package C:
$150/Whole Body Massage + Juagen + 2 x HandJobs/90 Mins

Package D:
$200/Whole Body Massage + Juagen + 2 x HandJobs/120 Mins

♥♥♥ Big Cozy Room With Attached Shower & Massage Bed Included ♥♥♥

Please Call Or Text JJ @ 8738 7018