Qi Qi Is a Professional Masseur Who Only Provides Authentic & Healing Massage.

Please Do Not Ask If There Is Any Speacial Or HandJob, as She Do Not Offer.

Do Respect & Look For Her Should You Have Any Body Issues That Require Treatment.

Please Call, Text Or Wechat Qi Qi 琪琪 @ 9613 2119

Name: Qi Qi 琪琪 (Local)
Age: 32
Attitude: Friendly & Professional
Boobs: Natural & Soft 34C
Height: 162cm
Weight: 55kg
Looks: Pretty & Attractive
Language: Chinese SMSes or Calls only. She Know English Too
Location: Redhill, Service In SPA

Her Massage Package Includes:
[If There Is Time Restriction, You May Mix & Match The Following Services Within 60 Mins]

Whole Body Oil Massage : 全身推油/油压
[Soothing & Relaxing & You May Doze Off Eventually]

Chinese Mixed Swedish Style Massage & Shiatsu : 中瑞典式结合按摩和指压
[Simply Good & Professional! Feel Her Deep Tissue Massage That Helps You Relax & Fully Recover From Fatigue & Pain]

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage : 头,颈,肩部按摩
[Must Opt Services! Helps You Cure Your Migraine, Insomnia & Headache]

Lymphatic Detoxification : 淋巴排毒
[Focuses On Pushing Factor In One Direction Which Helps Purge Impurities]

Mosha, Guasha, Hot Stones, Baguan, Ear Digging & Ai Jiu : 磨砂, 刮痧, 热石理疗, 拔罐, 采耳和艾灸
[Above Services Are Available. Do Request Should You Need]


Her Forte In Curing:
1、Every Type Of Shoulder Sharp Pain Problems
2、For Office Workers Or People With Neck Pain & Problems
3、For Sports Man Who Have Waist Sprain, Pain Or Any Issues
4、Knee Pain Or Sharp Pain Before Storm Coming
5、Migraine & Frequent Headache

Services that She don’t provides:
Services That Are Not Mention Above.
Other Initmate Actions Depend On Your Chemistry With Her.

Her Working Hours:
From Noon 12pm Till 11pm


$58/Whole Body Treatment Massage/60 Mins


$108/Whole Body Treatment Massage + Choose Any Service From Mosha, Gusha, Baguan, Hot Stones, Ear Digging, Ai Jiu/120 Mins

♥♥♥ Large Cozy Room & Massage Bed Included ♥♥♥

Please Call, Text Or Wechat Qi Qi 琪琪 @ 9613 2119