Virlin Juagen Master 100% No.1 in SG, Professional & Authentic Thai Style 不正宗不收钱

超强推荐:新加坡No 1 的抓跟配套。 PREMIUM recommendation:No 1 juagen in SINGAPORE
100% 效果保证 & 绝对一次见效(100% Result Guaranteed Even For One Session)

Juagen is man’s manhood maintenance. This feeling is nicer than handjob 10 times. Even if u normally last 5 minutes before ejaculation, After taking up 1 hour juagen session with virlin by using her special oil, Your precious will feel the immediate effect.That is 100% confirmed let you feel super shocked for juagen effect!this effect can last one month.
抓跟是男人必须的养护。这个感觉比hj更享受10倍!就算平时只能维持5分钟就射了!如果做抓跟1小时加v irlin的独门神油!你小弟弟就会强壮着享受1个小时!100%确定让你震惊抓跟效果.强壮疗效可维持1个月★★★★★

需要抓跟的人:彼软无力,难硬,不硬,硬不久,想要增强性功能,想要变大变长,想要更强,更硬 ,硬更久 virlin (维琳)抓跟师傅2014年到泰国曼谷拜师学艺,2015年寻找医生朋友帮助开始研究,立志把抓跟效果做到 比泰国师傅更好更强,抱着为男人健康的心态服务,也不停的努力将抓跟行业摧向透明化!

(Bros Who Have Problems Erecting, Premature Ejaculation etc & Who Wants To Be Stronger & Harder Should Give It a Try. Virlin Went To Thailand To Learn From a Bangkok Master In Year 2014 Follow By Seeking Advice From a Doctor Friend in 2015. End Result, She Became The Master Of Juagen & Is Better Than Her Master!) 拒绝欺骗!拒绝误导!拒绝乱按!拒绝脱衣色情另加费服务 (No False Advice, Cheating, Scamming & Additional Fee For Sensual Services Or Taking Off Her Top)

超强推荐 : 新加坡独一无二的超級配套! PREMIUM Recommendation : SINGAPORE One & Only

SUPER Addictive & Supportive cooling oil Impotence Treatment (cool)特別效果的冰油壯陽治療!(sg on and only) ★★★★★

Saandhha Oil (Hot) 印度神油让你小弟弟增大按摩! ★★★★★

Whole body aroma oil massage全身精油推拿[This one no horse run!very relaxing & calming.doze off numerous time during this]★★★★★

Hand job.Profirmed juagen.Disapproval hj But not refuse不建议 但不拒绝!专抓跟.If u want try cool and hot feeling in hj..that is 100% confirmed let you feel super shocked for juagen effect.★★★★★

WOW! Wait! There Is More Now
If u want ur little brother become super power .
Infrared Ray Space Prostate Care Equipment. 红外线前列腺保养 ★★★★★

Male Privacy Ultra Shock Wave Treatment. 男性私密超声波 (SG One and only)★★★★★

正宗泰式抓跟(電視直播對照) Authentic Thai Style Juagen With Video To Show You It’s Mystery & Effects! ★★★★★

Total Health Care For Your Precious! DIE DIE MUST TRY!!!! ★★★★★

$70/30mns can chioce all service
$110/60mns can choice all service
$160/90mns can choice all service

Please Call Or Text Virlin @ 8454 2857

Name : Virlin 维琳 From johor
Age: 28
Attitude : super hardworking, friendly, outgoing & chatty
Body: busty & curvy
Height: 151cm
Weight: 45kg
Looks: Pretty & womanly
Room: discreet,romantic,cozy & clean. beautiful place & big
Language: chinese,english,cantonese & 客家话
Tai seng MRT 3 mins reach. easy parking. can park 任何车型。

★ Virlin had MANY YEARS of massage experience With STRONG interest in helping men to recover body FATIGUE & with IMPOTENCE issue.
STRONGLY Recommend for those who really love old school hard massage & of course little bro treatment which is her expertise! ★